The firm was founded in 1998 when the three partners met, and , putting together their thirty year experience in the field of marble extraction and workmanship gave life to A.M.B. Marble and Granites Srl. Our main activity is the production and marketing of stone slabs and tiles, which come from a meticulous selection in the quarries. Our Company pursues the concept of “ total quality “ which means that during the whole working process we always try to achieve the following four points: quality, excellent price, good service and reliability.

Transport service is carried out by companies which operate almost exclusively for A.M.B. SrL while some companies in charge of packaging as well as some workshops have been entirely absorbed by A.M.B. srl. We supply slabs from 2 to 10 cm of thickness processed with different treatments for surface finish. Our customer assistants are able to make the best suggestions for the use of the stones. Satisfying our customers and offering the best quality are our main target.


Our factory is located in Porto Torres, few metres from the harbour. The area is extended for 4,000 sqm, including an open air deposit and a warehouse. We have got state of the art equipments for processing and special treatment of the materials.


General Manager    MARCO MASSAGLIA

Head Office /Administration    ANNA ALTANA

Slabs and blocks warehouse manager    MARCO MASSAGLIA

Sales manager    MARCO MASSAGLIA